Get Started

Get Started

How to acquire

Our ICO will be hosted right here. There are multiple ways to get the tokens for free. The methods of acquiring the token for free are signing up for frequent airdrops that we will be doing, participating in the bounty campaign, or using faucets we will create. The airdrops will be announced on our social media and website in advance of our airdrop so stay in touch if you would like to participate in them. We will use our initial success to get on to higher volume exchanges, Bittrex being our target exchange. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of profit from this token. There is no guarantee of the value going up or down. You do not need to buy this token to have it and there are many ways of acquiring the without exchanges. There is no token sale.

Bounty Program

This bounty is now closed. Anyone still signed up has until December 24th to finish.

There are many ways to earn the Lantos token:

  • Twitter Campaign - 100 tokens (200 Available)
  • Facebook Campaign - 100 tokens (200 Available)
  • Steemit Campaign - 1000 tokens (20 Available)
  • Youtube Video - 1000 tokens (20 Available)
  • Medium Article - 1000 tokens (20 Available)
  • Announcement Translation - 5000 tokens (20 Available)

For the social media campaigns you must have a month old account and at least 100 followers/friends. The translation must be original and not translated using an online translator like google translate. Translations will be checked.

Application for the bounty can be found here:

Lantos Airdrop

400,000 Lantos Tokens will be equally distributed among all that have signed up. There is a maximum of 10,000 people. The Airdrop will end on December 10th unless there are less than 1,000 people signed up, in which case we will wait till there are 1,000.

Sign up for the airdrop using the link below:


The Lantos VPN is still in development.

You can get updates on the VPN from our social media pages.

Our roadmap has our projected dates of completion for our project.